I have attempted to write my story for over 20 years. I honestly wasn’t sure my story had a real message, until now. I am so happy to share my thoughts and experience with you in hopes that it will help you to have a happier and more fulfilling life’s journey.

Writing a book about myself and everything I have endured most of my life, in reference to my body is true for most or all women. I always feel obligated to mention that men feel this way too, but women feel these emotions ten-fold. For years I was stuck inside my emotional trauma and the discomfort of my body. The thoughts that swirled around inside my head every damn day, loved to tell me that I was never going to have a body that I was proud of let alone comfortable in. I truly felt like I was the only one, but I wasn’t, was I? Women experience this emotional hell in reference to their bodies like no other fear. We don’t feel safe in our bodies and there is always at least one body part that we are ready to criticize. It is on the tip of our consciousness at all times. That to me is the saddest part of how we have spent most of our lives. How much time we waste not being happy with our bodies and thinking that they just ain’t good enough and never gonna be!

I decided to change that for myself and do the emotional work, so I could at least love my body most of the time. It took me ten years to really deal with and heal from all of my body image trauma.

I decided that I really wanted to be happy, to really enjoy the rest of my life. I no longer wanted to be inundated with the feeling that I wasn’t worthy of love, success, or happiness because I was fricking fat.

It’s so easy to assume that all of this begins with the societal prejudice of diet culture and all our body woes start from there, but does it?

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