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Episode 274 – Rachel Lavin – Author of The Doughnut Diaries/Personal Trainer/Certified Life Coach

“I turned 40…I was so tired of being unfulfilled…Whatever the “new thing” was, I tried it…Any diet is a repackaged restriction…”

“It’s never too late to be happy.

What is a “doughnut diary?” In today’s episode of the Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast, Rachel Lavin explains exactly what led her to write, The Doughnut Diaries: A Personal Trainer’s Tale of Being Every Size from 12 Through 0! After over twenty years as a fitness professional, Rachel is finally breaking her silence about how her love-hate relationship with doughnuts led to a life-changing epiphany. While Rachel does NOT promote the overindulgence of the sweet treat, she does promote the power of loving yourself in order to stop the “madness of dieting, restricting foods, or using exercise to make yourself smaller.” Get ready for a glimpse into what your life could look like once you stop hating your body and realizing that you are not alone. Grab a copy of Rachel’s book on AMAZON or learn more about how The Doughnut Diaries can help you at!