Accepting people who have bigger bodies is more than long overdo, we are at DEFCON 5!

It’s a huge problem in our culture. Why can’t people accept that those of us who come in bigger bodies are not lazy, full of disease or unhealthy. If you really believe that then you are part of the problem.

Are you able to see inside another person’s body and tell if they are sick or dying? Or are you judging that person based on what their outside looks like? I’m going to go with the latter.

Today I read a wonderful article highlighting three beautiful female personal trainers who don’t have the “typical” trainer body. After reading the very positive stories I made the mistake of reading the comments below. It made me realize how far we still have to go. All three of the ladies featured in this article are over 200lbs and they are running successful businesses, living a lifestyle that makes them happy through movement and more importantly helping their clients feel good about their bodies. The article highlights that many people living in a larger body can be healthy & happy! Please educate yourself that not every person in a larger body is lazy or unhealthy! Don’t we ALL deserve to live our lives without hurtful or hateful comments.

Today’s blog could easily attack the people who wrote those horrible and judgmental comments about these ladies, but where would that get me? My mission is to be a part of the solution and not the problem. I hope to educate, inform, and bring light instead of contributing to the darkness that is body shaming. I am not going to write to you today about the differences in health. One, because I am not a doctor and two, because that’s not today’s point. Today’s blog is about being kind, not only to yourself, but to each other.

We all go through this life searching for who we are, what makes us happy, and how we want to be treated by others, Correct?? It is time to accept that this planet is full of diet and body size myths that still swirl like a tornado in our culture. Have you ever stopped to think about what you are saying or hearing, and question those beliefs? Probably not! It’s time to realize that what you are perpetuating to yourself, to your children and to, people you don’t even know is all a cruel lie!

We have unfortunately forgotten that in this time of social media, cyber bullying, and cancel culture what it is like to put yourself in someone else shoes before reacting. Are you guilty of body shaming someone or have you been body shamed? Either way someone who doesn’t know you is judging you just because of what your body looks like. Does reading that out loud help you understand how horrendous that is? I know it’s cliché but how would you feel if someone hurt a person you loved and wanted to protect? Change can be scary, but it really is time, time to change our mindsets. Treat people with love and kindness, begin to let go of your old beliefs.

Here’s something to ponder, being in a bigger body that is not aesthetically pleasing by our society’s standards doesn’t mean that it is any less capable of performing demanding physical activities, such as, lifting heavy weights, dancing with the upmost grace, and moving through life with strength. Being in a bigger body is nothing to be ashamed of. Being in a bigger body is real!