It’s that time of year again where we are all making the usual, yet untrue and unkind, statements about our holiday eating and weight gain. I am sure you have either heard a family member, co-worker, neighbor, friend, or you say some of these or all of these statements during the holidays.

    • I can’t restrain myself around all of these treats at the office
    • I don’t want to go to any parties because I’ll just keep eating
    • Don’t stand near the buffet table to avoid unwanted snacking
    • Every year I gain ten pounds from all of the eating
    • I’ll start my diet on January 1st!
    • I have NO discipline!
    • There’s too much temptation around the Holidays

Whatever it is that you tell yourself, I’m here to grant your Christmas wish they are all LIES! You DO have plenty of control, you do have discipline, and you are worthy of enjoying yourself over the holidays if that’s what you choose to do. The interesting thing that I hope you get from today’s Holiday edition blog, is that you have two very different scripts going on; the one where you want to enjoy this time of year and the one where you punish yourself for doing so.

I hear you loud and clear, I did it to myself for decades, but the difference for me, in the past few holidays seasons, is that I stopped setting myself up for failure. I also stopped harping on how January 1st was a magical reset date and that all I can do is my best. I don’t regret eating the foods that I normally don’t eat during the year. My favorite indulgence is Sugar Christmas Cookies. I have such fond memories of them as a kid. A friend of my parents made the most delicious and fun Christmas cookies. In the shape of snow people, Santa, reindeer, and they were decorated beautifully. Every year she would give us a big plate of them, and I would dive in. I remember the soft texture on my tongue and the sweet taste of these amazing cookies. I’m sure you all have a particular food that you love around this time of year. So instead of denying yourself or punishing yourself, enjoy it and let go of the negativity that you hold around holiday eating.

Weight gain around this time of year can also be a result of restricting all year long and you might use the holidays as an excuse to just eat everything in sight. Hopefully, you understand that’s more about a restrictive diet than what time of year it happens to be. Maybe if more of us connected the dots about that we could just enjoy the holidays with family and friends, eat and really be Merry!

The gym and your regular routine will be there waiting for you after the holidays, I promise.