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A Personal Trainer’s Tale of Being Every Size From 12 to 0 with Rachel Lavin

(Ep. 121) Forever Fit with Carol Covino

    My guest today is the author of “The Doughnut Diaries” (love the title) Rachel Lavin! Rachel is a sweet soul I met in a business mentorship and, like the title suggests, has been through many up’s and down’s when it comes to her health and nutrition. She is also the CEO of Rachel Lavin Fitness and we discuss her coaching style, the topic of emotional eating, and key points of her book!

    Time Stamps:

    (4:05) The Origin of The Doughnut Diaries

    (17:48) A Pivotal Moment in New York City

    (28:35) Rachel’s Coaching Approach with Nutrition

    (32:34) The Topic of Emotional Eating

    (47:55) Parting Advice

    (48:50) Where to Find Rachel’s Book